Harness the Strength, Beauty & Resiliency of the Human Spirit - September 29, 2017

Please join Colby Rolando and Colleen Inzerillo for a powerful evening of deep healing, guided meditation, discussion and laughter to harness the incredible strength, beauty, and wisdom of the human spirit!

Inspired by the bestselling book and movie Mum’s List—a true story about Kate Greene’s journey with cancer and the legacy she left behind for her husband and two young boys –the Mum’s List workshop will inspire, motivate and show you how to live your best life. This workshop reflects Kate’s legacy for humanity – inspiring us to live with greater love, purpose, gratitude, and joy.

The Mum’s List Legacy workshop is an extraordinary journey of personal discovery and deep healing. Using a unique combination of guided meditations, self-exploratory exercises, and proven mindfulness techniques, this workshop empowers people to overcome obstacles to their happiness and transform limiting beliefs so they can embrace both the challenges and opportunities that arrive in life with greater ease.

"There are many many Beautiful butterflies, but only one beauty. That is the beauty of the human spirit" -Derek O"Neill

A portion of all proceeds go to help support Kate and Singe Greene’s two children and charities around the world.

Colby Rolando

Colby Rolando