Carol Zelaya

I came away from this workshop with a much greater and more profound urgency to honor my true self by doing the things I know in my heart will make my spirit sing, and do them now rather than later. Thank you for the timely lesson and assisting me to finally give myself the permission!

Cleve Anderson

Very inspirational! This workshop was a voice of reason and guidance in a crazy world. As a combat warrior, this workshop helped me to realize that I’m on the correct path. It is very refreshing to know that this type of information is available to the public.

JoAnn and Gary Keenan

The Mums List Legacy workshop provided a venue to seek help solving personal fears, sorrows and anger. These workshops are so very effective in terms of self-help. 

Katie W.

The mum's list workshops have provided me with simple yet powerful tools to gain clarity and wisdom on patterns I have been dealing with in my life. The supportive meditations offer opportunities for contemplation and greater awareness, that I often reflect on day to day. I leave each workshop feeling empowered and excited!

Lida Korol

For me, these workshops have been truly empowering. The meditations, discussions and tools have enabled me to go deeper into some core issues that I have been working on. I no longer feel stuck and I have already made some positive changes in my life. These workshops are what I have been waiting for and I am really excited for what the future will bring!

Jiyun Park

I notice that I am becoming a happier person and my health is improving. Without an exaggeration now I can clearly love my family and other people. Of course there are moments that negative emotions pop up, but now that I have the tools it doesn’t last long and I am able to find peace in my heart again.