Q - I attended a MLL workshop and loved the material and music. Can I purchase the meditations, exercises and music?

A – While we’re thrilled you connected so deeply and loved the MLL material (we do too!). In a word, no. Our material is proprietary. A great deal of thought and energy went into creating the materials, designing the format and training MLL Teachers. 

Can you experience it again? In two words, you bet! While all MLL workshops feature our powerful trademark transformational tools and techniques, every workshop will vary slightly, offering students and participants a unique transformational experience, each and every time. Teachers may share different MLL exercises, meditations and music, as well as teach new techniques. Join our mailing list , and Search our Workshop Schedule to continue to delve deeper and accelerate personal transformation and professional development.

Q – I was really triggered by a specific song/meditation. Can you send it to me?

A – Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, including copyright laws, we cannot send you music or MLL meditations. We encourage you to and continue to attend MLL workshops to continue to experience the incredible energy and transform personally and professionally.

Q – I’d like to include MLL workshops as a part of a long-term wellness initiative or an on-going personal/professional development program for my company/business/organization/group.

A – Fantastic! We’d love to learn more about your program objectives and see if MLL would be a good fit. Kindly submit a request through “Contact Us”, and someone will get back to you to shortly to discuss this possibility.

Q – I’m registered for a MLL workshop, but I don’t have access to a printer to print out the Student Manual. Can I get one at the workshop?

A – Absolutely.  All MLL Teachers will have copies of the Student Manual available for a nominal fee at their workshop.

Q – Are MLL workshops offered in languages other than English?

A – MLL workshops are currently only being offered in English.  If you’d like to request a workshop in a specific language, please send a request to “Contact Us.” Sign up for our newsletter to hear important announcements on this availability.’  

Q – I’ve downloaded the MLL overview and brochure but still have a few questions. Can I speak to someone directly about Motivational List Legacy before booking for my group/organization?

A – Sure! We’re happy to answer any questions and outline the many benefits having a Motivational List Legacy workshop series can have for your employees and organization. Simply send a request to “Contact Us” and we’ll make arrangements for a phone call discussion or an in-person meeting.  

Q – I attended the inaugural MLL workshop in NY with Derek. Will I benefit from attending another?

A – The MLL workshop is a vast body of work comprising a powerful format designed to accelerate personal transformation and professional development. Because of the nature of the material, as well as time constraints, Derek covered a fraction of it. Each time you attend a workshop you may be exposed to new meditations, exercises and techniques. You will also continue to transform personally and professionally with each workshop.

Q – Do I need to read the Mum’s List Legacy book before participating in a MLL workshop?

A – No!  Come as you are - no prior reading or any special preparation required! Upon paid registration, students/participants will receive a Student Manual to print and bring to their workshop, that’s it!  

Note: The MLL workshops were inspired by this bestselling book as this incredible story will help inspire you to live with greater purpose, clarity, gratitude and joy.  Although we highly recommend this book as a powerful healing tool, reading it prior to coming to a MLL workshop is not necessary.

Q – Can I purchase the Mum’s List Legacy book at my workshop?

A – Many teachers will have the book available to purchase at workshops. Because we cannot guarantee its availability at every workshop, we encourage you to purchase a copy directly: http://www.amazon.com/Mums-List-Mothers-Lessons-Husband/dp/052595385X

Q – Can I train to become a MLL Teacher?

A – Thank you for your interest! Currently there are no plans for MLL Teacher training.  However, you are welcome to join our mailing list to be the first to receive timely announcements and stay connected with MLL.