Sandra Combe

Sandra Combe emanates from a Corporate MBA background and recently retired from ExxonMobil in Santa Barbara, CA.  Working environmental for 30 years, she has realigned her leadership and communication skills into insightful Meditation, Mindfulness and Motivational Workshops.  Transitioning from stress to living in joy and peace of acceptance is her awakened truth of abundance. 

While climbing the stressful corporate ladder of achievement she survived a life-changing heart attack and triple bypass guiding her to paths of self-healing recovery.  Her life has been full of hard-earned lessons and profound experiences while balancing natural energy resources.  Today, her high technology pacemaker leads the universal pace of their Mother-Daughter wellness team.  She has Practitioner and Teacher certifications in many life-force healing modalities including:  Biofeedback, NLP, Theta, Reiki, and the vast Rising Star Healing Systems.   Her daughter Kristin Peters is also a Mum's List Legacy Teacher and together they expand their Wellness Programs to cultivate a healthier well-being.