Ray Rolando

Ray Rolando is a Transformational Life Coach, Channel, & Healer.  He is the founder of Oceans Of Calm, Center For Well-being and Healing, which he operates with his wife, Colby. For more than a decade, Ray has worked and trained with the most prolific healers, teachers, and coaches in his field. He holds professional certifications in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and in multiple energy healing modalities, both as a practitioner and teacher.  

In addition to innate channeling and healing abilities, Ray has received advanced training in personal and empathic mastery, and mindfulness, which allows him to coach for excellence while artfully blending these exceptional tools with his own craft.

Prior to helping others in the self-help industry as a public figure, Ray had a very successful 16 year career in Fortune 500 America both in Strategic Operations and Corporate IT. It was during this time that he truly began seeking deeper meaning to his life. That drive simultaneously led to his finding a true spiritual path that helped him in profound ways. Through his continual personal transformation, he knew he would one day begin to share with everyone he met all that he has learned. 

After many years of humbling circumstances, deep healing and transformation, Ray was finally overcome by an impassioned and unrelenting desire to utilize his experiences, full-time, to inspire others to heal, expand, and shift their perspectives for positive growth. 

Ray's comprehensive skill set is utilized to calm and ease the mind and body, and to help others consciously develop practical tools, perspectives and methods that offer greater self-mastery, creative empowerment and well-being that lead to happier lives.

As a loving husband and father of two boys, Ray knows the value of sharing Kate & Singe Greene's legacy with the world, and is honored to bring his background and experiences to Mum's List Legacy.