Michelle O' Gorman

Michelle O’ Gorman is a Mum's List Legacy teacher based in Wexford, Ireland.

She has the great opportunity of working in Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre as Operations Manager, Event Coordinator and PR. Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre is owned by Derek O’ Neill who trained Michelle to facilitate these life changing workshops with a number of Mum's List Legacy teachers.

She has been working in wellness and personal development for over 15 years and in Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre for over 11 years. She holds qualifications in management and energy work (Reiki, EFT, Rising Star and Prema Birthing) and is a mindfulness teacher.

Michelle was deeply moved by Singe and Katie Green’s story and has personally experienced great transformation in her own life since training as a Mum's List Legacy teacher and is passionate about bringing Mum's List Legacy workshops to as many people as she can reach.  

At the moment Michelle offers Mum's List Legacy workshops in Wexford, Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre and travels near and afar when she is requested to host these life-changing workshops.