Maria S. Fiallos-Tewlow

Maria S. Fiallos-Tewlow is a NYC-based Transformational Therapist whose greatest passion is to promote and support social, mental, and emotional well-being in women and children.  She has a BA in Psychology and a Master’s in Clinical Social Work from New York University, is certified in NLP, and is a practitioner and teacher of the Rising Star and Prema Birthing, two powerful energy healing systems.  

Maria’s professional background and ongoing training in the healing arts focused on energy and consciousness reflect her belief in a holistic approach to wellness that blends spirituality with academia.  Her experience includes serving as a Clinical Social Worker in the NY public school system for two years, and work at Full Circle Health in NY, providing teens and women with psychotherapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, a form of psychotherapy that combines cognitive-behavioral therapy with Zen concepts including mindfulness, acceptance and relaxation and breathing exercises.  Prior to her tenure as a social worker, she worked in corporate environments, as an Administrative Assistant at Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Philips Morris International and New York University.

As a champion of the healing benefits inherent in mindfulness and meditation, Maria is thrilled to offer the Mum’s List Legacy program to groups all over the world. Maria’s journey has been one of incredible resilience and healing, overcoming numerous challenges from her childhood and into adulthood including, chronic illness, depression and an eating disorder.  Her background together with her strong intuition, lends to a deep level of understanding and compassion, and an ease in quickly identifying negative patterns and root causes of issues and suffering. Maria’s greatest mission is two-fold: to serve humanity, helping people to heal trauma, and move beyond blocks of fear and anxiety, and to continue on her own path, and be a clear channel in service, love and joy for herself, and everyone around her.

Maria was born in Ecuador, moving to the US at age 10.  Today she lives in the heart of New York City with her husband and two children.  She is bilingual, offering healing workshops and one-on-one sessions in both English and Spanish in NYC and over Skype.  Maria is the co-founder of Soul Circle, where she hosts weekly Mum's List Legacy and other soul-enriching and transformative classes. Soul Circle is a special forum in New York City created to foster happier – and more consciously aware – individuals and provides a safe sharing and unique healing space for women of all ages to come together in community to navigate life’s challenges of parenting, relationships and family dynamics while learning, growing and sharing wisdom, healing meditations, friendship and laughter with one another. This model serves as an important framework for cultivating the most important relationship we all have – the one with ourselves.