Lois Tobin

Lois Tobin is a NYC-based Mum’s List Legacy Teacher and holistic health-focused Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in the science and art of healing through Energy Medicine. She brings broad knowledge to MLL, with a professional background that spans 30 years experience in medicine and wellness and over a decade serving as a Transformational Expert, helping people to expand their awareness of self, release old patterns, heal and transform.

Lois facilitates wellness workshops in and out of hospitals across NYC with the latest in mindfulness and wellbeing techniques that inspire self-care and happiness, and greater success in one’s personal and professional life. Her programs and approach to wellness are centered on spirit-mind-body that combine her holistic perspectives and experience working with integrative doctors with her certifications and training with tops in the fields of wellness and consciousness to bring the most complementary – and comprehensive – transformations.  She is an advocate of the importance and benefit of incorporating energy practices based in consciousness into medicine and daily life in order to cultivate greater wellbeing and joy and enjoys training and educating others in this application. 

Lois is honored to be a MLL teacher and teach others how to overcome stress, anxiety, grief, addiction, pain and anything that stands in the way of realizing one’s full potential. Lois herself has been through many experiences of incredible transformation and learning and loves sharing all that she's learned and experienced to help enrich the lives of others. She facilitates several energy healing modalities, including Reiki, the Rising Star Healing System, Mindfulness & Meditation and is the founder of the “INN” (Inner Net Night), a teacher collaborative in NYC that features [like-minded/forward-thinking/thought leaders] teachers sharing evidence-based tools and techniques that promote greater self-awareness and wellbeing. Lois offers classes, workshops, and teacher trainings as announced, with private sessions by appointment in NYC or online from anywhere you are.

She is an avid year-round swimmer, enjoys motherhood, time with friends and family, boating, travel and theatre.  She lives with her family in NYC.