Lauren Fox

Lauren Fox is a Mum’s List Teacher, energy healing practitioner and visual artist with a practice centered around helping people remember that things always change, and opening them up to positive new possibilities amidst life’s perpetual change, with all of its trials and tribulations.  Her life experiences prepared her well to assist others to find hope, peace and strength in tough times and serve as the foundation for her message: you can have joy between pain, rise above difficulties, turn problems into lessons and lessons into wisdom. She’s living proof.

Naturally drawn to assisting individuals and families facing end of life, Lauren is an incredible support system and healing presence for those dealing with trauma and the many emotions that arise during transitions. She imparts heart-centered wisdom, comfort, love and support that comes from a deep place of understanding, having personally dealt with a tremendous amount of loss from childhood into adulthood on many levels, including the loss of her son at age five, due to chronic illness and congenital defects. Through Mum’s List, she’s fulfilling her dream to share tools that work in helping people understand that they can rediscover peace and joy despite life’s hardest challenges. With compassion and patience, she helps people to let go of whatever takes up space in order to breathe again, exhaling into peace, even for a moment.

Lauren is also a Reiki Master/Practitioner and a certified Teacher/Practitioner of two powerful energy healing systems, the Rising Star and Prema Birthing.  Her interest and training in energy healing followed study in psychology, serving as a LMT, a 20-year marriage, subsequent divorce, mothering four children, and letting go of one child far earlier than most parents are prepared to do.  

Overcoming every seeming obstacle that came her way wasn’t always easy – but it has been possible – and she’s proud of her growth and how far she’s come in releasing fears that held her back from living her best life. Lauren has successfully utilized the very tools she trained in to share with others to reconcile their pasts – and their paths – and help free themselves of pain, fears and unconscious self-sabotage.  She is attentive and intuitive, known for being both patient and kind, and respectful and supportive of the different and distinct paths of others.  She enriches lives through everything she does, transmitting the wellness and expansion inherent in higher consciousness wisdom even in her art.  She is an extremely talented artist, feeding her soul and elevating others by nurturing her love of photography, drawing and creative expression.  She enjoys making pictures from pictures, specializing in blending and expanding on visual depictions of higher consciousness in form to create surprising and stunning new art.  Her art reverberates with great beauty and palpable healing energy, reflecting her philosophy that there is beauty in embracing change.

Lauren lives in Redding, CT near Westport in a full house – she has three daughters, three dogs and three cats.  Although she focuses her time in CT, she also hosts Mum’s List Legacy workshops throughout the tri-state area and in Pennsylvania, in the Poconos. She truly enjoys being in service to others and loves monkeys.