Kristin Stoddart

Kristin is a wellness practitioner in the Los Angeles area who offers programs and treatments for personal growth and deep healing. 

From an early age, Kristin practiced ways of attuning the spirit, mind, and body connection. She remembers using visualization as a child to feel better, and it was not until she was 16 years-old that she went to a doctor for the first time, as she was raised to believe in our healing power within. Kristin has had many experiences that have taught her the power of the mind and the breath for wellness.

Kristin spent the first part of her career working in the fields of architecture and then public relations in New York City. Her life reached a turning point when she decided to have a child, as her priorities and lifestyle began to naturally shift.

Kristin’s pregnancy was a journey of awakening, as she felt a calling to connect more authentically with herself and nurture her emotional and mental well-being. She received an energy healing treatment that created such a powerful shift in her that she became a practitioner herself. 

​Today, Kristin lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son. She is also an artist and is passionate about the intersection of mindfulness and art to foster healthy outlets for emotional expression.​

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