Kim Pasquino

Kim was deeply moved by Kate Green's story and is excited to bring forward the lessons learned by her journey. She has always been inspired to dig deep uncovering her own potential and has a passion for helping others discover their own. She is Investment Director at a Venture Capital firm. She has a background in starting businesses, and enjoys working closely with founders of the portfolio companies in which they invest. She combines her work with her passion for practicing mindful living along with tools for well-being. She feels that these tools help her live a more positive life and loves the idea of bringing these aspects to her board work.

Kim's turning point was in 2004, when from outside appearances, it looked like she had a perfect life. She had started a successful business, was married with a great son, and was living in her "dream" house. Still, she wasn't happy, and she felt something was missing. It was then she began her journey to know what true happiness is and the importance of incorporating mindfulness and the source of true well-being.

Kim feels the material within MLL is transformational, as it changed her own life for the better. It is her true joy to bring the MLL workshops to groups or in one-on-one sessions, and is willing to travel to meet people where they are.

Kim is married, has three grown children, and resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan.