Kelly Spillman

Kelly Spillman is a Mum's List Legacy Teacher & transformational energy healer based in Los Angeles with over 15 years experience helping people heal and shift a wide range of physical and emotional ailments. Having lived through numerous personal health and life challenges including cancer, 5 major surgeries and everything in between, Kelly loves helping others to illuminate and heal underlying causes of stress and dis-ease.  Driven by her experience first-hand how incredibly transformational these energy healing systems have been for herself and others all around the world, it is her greatest joy to share the very healing modalities that has helped her and tens of thousands others to move forward and overcome physical, emotional and mental challenges. 

Her background includes years of continuous study and training in the healing arts and personal growth with renowned master teacher and healer Derek O’Neill and dedication to walking two of the most courageous paths we’ll ever take – a spiritual journey and one of self-love – both of which she attributes her greatest accomplishments to date and joy.  She is a certified Teacher & Practitioner of the Rising Star and Prema Birthing energy healing systems, offering both private one-one-healing sessions and programs in person and remotely, allowing people to heal wherever they are.   She also offers private and group training workshops for those interested in learning to facilitate these powerful healing systems for themselves and with others.