Katie Kozlowski

Katie Kozlowski brings herself to the Mum's List Legacy program with a life full of rich experiences, colorful, engaging stories and lighthearted, uplifting lessons that help her resonate with everyone she meets exactly where they are.  After 15 years in the performing arts and as a spokesmodel, her life changed when she was hit by a taxi in New York City and she walked away unharmed. Shortly after, she vowed to live a life full of meaning, love and joy and to never undervalue herself again. And she also committed herself to teaching others to do the same.  

As a result, she dove headfirst into the wellness world and began studying Reiki, NLP, Rising Star, transformational tools, and developed a passion for teaching others the same lessons she has learned, and has spent the last 7 years building a practice that delivers the tools of self realization, personal development and what she likes to call "Full Time Love"  both online and in person in CT, NY and CA.  

With a background in acting, singing, movement and voice overs, she brings the best of many creative worlds together with her own unique spin on the MLL workshops utilizing training in mind, body and spirit and uses all the tools to create one cohesive workshop that targets all areas at once. 

She has been described as a breath of fresh air, a ball of light, creator of safe spaces and loving environments, and always strives to bring comfort, ease and fun to the room. She has a gift for seeing and hearing you without judgement and prides herself on being one of the most welcoming spirits in the wellness world. 

 When she is not teaching MLL workshops she is busy developing her own platforms including a book and course called Loving To Be Me, and a workshop for women called Women Are Rising, and maintains a thriving global community of fellow "lovers".  To learn more about Katie, her MLL workshops or to connect with her visit her website and say hello!