Karina Steinberg

Karina Steinberg is a Mum’s List Teacher based in NYC. She was drawn to the Mum’s List Legacy program for its incredible message and ability to alleviate pain and suffering, reduce stress, and help in showing people how they can live an inspired and motivated life.  This is the central message of her mission and practice, and reflects what she loves to do: show people positive possibilities when they feel none.

Originally from Argentina, Karina has lived a life filled with perpetual change and movement.  Her mastery of adapting and learning to thrive through change was born of necessity.  She has been married for 23 years to a Brazilian, a mother for 19, and has lived in Argentina, Brazil, Paris and London before settling in New York City. Today, she’s proud of the life she lives and is widely regarded for her natural enthusiasm for life and for being a mother who has walked her talk to find happiness and remembering the importance of caring for oneself. She is regularly sought after for her uplifting positivity and inspires and teaches others to do the same through her own example and transformational healing practice.

Karina is the co-founder of Soul Circle a space where she hosts regular Mum’s List Legacy workshops and other soul-enriching and transformative classes. She is also the founder of momsvolution®, a global movement sparked by her desire to support mothers find greater balance and happiness through higher consciousness tools, techniques and strategies. She is also a teacher and practitioner of the Prema Birthing and Rising Star healing modalities and has studied consciousness, potential and energy healing with Derek O'Neill and many others since the 1990s.  Together, with her background in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), energy healing therapies and over 20 years of study and training in consciousness and potential, Karina helps individuals heal, transform and find their smiles again.

Although Karina’s professional background includes work at a matchmaking company and over 10 years helping to manage 3 shops in her family jewelry business in Argentina, the most challenging and rewarding role she’s held to date remains mother and wife.  She is very grateful for her incredible family – with all the challenges and joys they bring – who unknowingly held the key to opening her to her mission and self-rediscovery.

Karina offers weekly Mum’s List Legacy workshops in New York City on Monday mornings.  In the coming year she hopes to bring MLL to Argentina & Brazil and offer the workshop program in Spanish and Portuguese.  She currently lives in New York City with her beautiful family. In addition to English, Karina speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and French.   But not German, Italian or Hindi … yet.