John Seibert

John Seibert’s personal quest to find mindful proactive solutions for resolving ongoing self limitations has allowed him to bring his energy and life experience to others in the form of mentorship and personal-growth workshops. His holistic process acknowledges one’s spirit first, then heals the mind and body with achievable methods that can be transformative in one’s inner, social, and business realms.

A natural intuitive, John has studied the healing arts since his teens. He earned a Master of Social Work degree at Arizona State University and is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Phoenix. After more than a decade as a clinical social worker in community mental health and a practicing psychotherapist in both Arizona and New York City, as well as a benefits administrator for major corporations, John determined that real potential for his clients required going beyond clinical modalities and utilizing energy therapies and spiritual wisdom as the backbone of his practice.

John's other business acumen includes owning and operating multimillion-dollar companies in agriculture, construction and real estate. His passion is to assist others to be the best version of their nature interpersonally, relationally and in their work environment where all systems can work together harmoniously, peacefully and honestly.