Joanne Denn

Holistic Wellness Coach and Medical Acupuncturist.

Joanne Denn holds qualifications in stress management, addiction counselling and has worked in the area of health, wellness and self-empowerment for over 25 years. With extensive knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Joanne has provided holistic and complementary therapies to hundreds of clients, helping them overcome physical and emotional pain. Joanne is a natural empath with a deep sense of compassion towards others. Through her own journey and expansion beyond mind limitations, Joanne empowers individuals to release negative experiences and to move forward more optimistically in life. A much sought after facilitator, both nationally and internationally, Joanne helps clients realise hopes, dreams and personal transformations that many have never felt was possible. With her warm, ‘down to earth’ and authentic approach, Joanne helps clients to successfully move beyond painful and challenging times.