Jim Devereux

Jim first met Derek O’Neill seven years ago at a New York workshop and has become a student, attending many workshops since then, both in the US and Ireland. 

Jim lives his life by the mantra, "To be in service to others in need is the way to live a fulfilling and happy life." He believes in the importance of prioritizing spirit before mind and mind before body. Spirit, mind, and body are all parts of the whole, meaning they all interact to make up who we are and how we perceive and receive our own unique life experiences. An imbalance in one aspect of the self creates blocks that affect other parts of us. Jim is trained to help people shatter the blocks and mount the obstacles that result from any and all imbalances- self imposed and otherwise…


Jim is a Rising Star Teacher and practitioner, and a Prema Birthing and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner. He most recently became a Mum’s List Legacy teacher and is privileged to lead these amazing workshops. Using powerful meditations and surprisingly simple exercises, A Mum’s List Legacy workshop will unleash the healer within & enable you to know your true self.


Jim is a licensed Bowenwork practitioner since 2011 and a member of the Bowenwork Academy USA.