Jennifer Anderson

Motivated and inspired by the field of potential, Jennifer Anderson is passionate about helping others obliterate whatever stands in their way of happiness, health and success, and normalizing wellness practices and culture in business. With her unique background in both corporate settings and expertise in energy healing therapies, she harnesses the power of mindfulness and energy to help individuals & businesses transform through high-impact wellness workshops and programs that incorporate BreakTHROUGH coaching, energy healing therapies and teacher training.  She is a dynamic and highly creative consultant, balancing her time between advising clients on business development and serving as a contemporary success & wellness consultant, working closely with results-oriented entrepreneurs on their inner games to accelerate business success, find more happiness, and better navigate the spaces in between.

After spending 15+ years at the Global headquarters of Deloitte, New York Life and several international banks longing for the kind of incredible experiences and results an MLL workshop delivers, she's eager to bring MLL to a conference room near you to help empower individuals to reduce stress and achieve greater health, balance and success. Equal parts professional and fun, Jen's natural enthusiasm and sense of humor brings a level of levity and joy that makes transforming easy and fun. She's trained with the tops in the fields of personal development and consciousness, and integrates over 10 years of continuous energy healing training and practice with her background and study of human potential and NLP into all of her work.