Jennifer Waldburger

Jennifer Waldburger is an author, speaker, and consultant whose passion is to help people and companies broaden their perspective to discover new wellsprings of creative potential. Often, a shift in perspective involves a shift in how we are relating to a particular challenge, to a person or group of people, or to life itself. Understanding what is required to create balanced, authentic relationship both within ourselves and with others is fundamental to change, as it is from this awareness that new possibilities, deeper connections, and innovative solutions naturally emerge.

With a master's degree in social work, Jennifer has had an active "laboratory" in which to study relationship in her extensive work with individuals, couples and families - both privately and in group settings - over the last 20 years. Incorporating nearly three decades of mindfulness, meditation, and holistic practice into her work, Jennifer is co-director of Mindfulness at the Stephen S. Wise school in Los Angeles - serving teachers, administrators, parents and students - and has also co-founded several companies.

The clear awareness that arises from balanced relationship is actually a living, organic intelligence that is dynamic and resilient; it allows us to move intuitively through life. The path to accessing this rich resource is unique to each of us, but is readily available to all.