Gunnar Nilsen

Gunnar believes that we are all born with unique gifts and personalities. Similarly, most of us share the same basic needs and face the same challenges during our lives. By cultivating our talents and dealing more effectively with difficult situations, we can create more fulfilling lives while having a positive impact on our surroundings. 

Gunnar grew up in a small coastal town in Norway and learned to ski at an early age. Later, he escaped the long dark winters by moving to sunny California, but recently moved back to his native Norway. Gunnar loves capturing the beauty of nature with his camera, and enjoys traveling, modern architecture, the mysteries of ancient history, and the essence of spirituality.

Gunnar has worked as an engineer, investment banker, equity analyst and portfolio manager, and was the co-founder of a technology company in Norway that was sold to General Electric. He enjoys working with entrepreneurs and is currently providing advice to early-stage companies. He holds a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering and cybernetics from the Norwegian Institute of Technology and an MBA from Pepperdine University in California. 

In parallel to his professional career, Gunnar has gained experience in mindfulness techniques and personal development. He offers a creative and analytical approach to resolving the issues we face both on a personal and professional level.

By sharing our insights, we can better learn how to deal with loss, illness, and other difficult situations. That, combined with the meditations from the Mum’s List training, constitutes a powerful way of dealing with life’s challenges and help building more productive and meaningful lives.