Gray Robinson

Derek O'Neill has stated that Gray "is rare and everyone should take advantage of anything he has to offer". Gray Robinson is famous for his Southern charm, sense of humor and wowing audiences with proven techniques, ancient wisdom & palpable healing energy. He is a successful speaker, writer, muse, personal and business consultant. He has been published in national medical and legal journals and is a regular contributor to various internet magazines. Gray understands the deep torment and trauma people can face and knows how to get their smile back on their lips and bounce back into their steps. 

Gray uses proven strategies and powerful techniques from deep experience and incredible wisdom that shift perspectives and spark major breakthroughs. His vast experience (mistakes) helps people through both thick and thin. More than just ‘talk’, Gray interacts with audiences, delivering unique talks that include easy-to-learn tools and perspective-changing ideas that leave audiences inspired and transformed!

For over 40 years, Gray Robinson has been a trusted business advisor and recognized expert in spirituality, committed to educating individuals and businesses about the true nature of reality, helping them breakthrough illusions to become happier, healthier and more prosperous through his popular radio show, workshops, personal and professional development programs, speaking engagements and energy healing. Every morning he jumps out of bed with a smile on his face because he knows he will help someone improve their life by simply being himself.

With 27 years as an award-winning attorney coupled with his successful entrepreneurial endeavors and unique life experiences, Gray brings his rare blend of wisdom, humor, experience and consciousness to shift any problem – physical, emotional, spiritual or mental. Certified in countless healing modalities, Gray has facilitated thousands of healings all around the world and has extensive experience teaching individuals and corporations to become more effective and prosperous. He is an active philanthropist, dedicated to service and a champion of corporate consciousness, traveling the world to teach and advance humanitarian endeavors. Always empowering, always engaging, Gray is a sought-after speaker in boardrooms and beyond, inspiring people to greater levels of success, happiness and peace wherever he goes.

An award-winning writer, Gray has written numerous books, including international book award winners, “How Big is Your But?” and “What is Love,” as well as "Dying to Live" which enables people to cope with loss and death. All of these are free on his website, He has just finished his latest book, "The Southern Book of the Dead", which is destined for the New York Times best seller list.  He has appeared on national TV and radio shows and has a clientele that reaches every corner of the globe. Gray is an avid writer with equal parts intellect and creativity, and a passion for sharing and inspiring people through his popular radio show, blog, thought-provoking posts, tweets, books and poetry.