Gloria Waterhouse

As a psychologist for the past 35 years, it has been my privilege to participate in important life transitions for those whom I have been fortunate to meet along the way.  Grief, loss, anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma generally serve as motivators for us to seek new directions for pain and confusion.  Ultimately, these life challenges provide a welcome opportunity for renewal, re framing, and new understandings.  

The MLL workshops are designed to assist individuals in harnessing their vast inner resources to achieve this inspired change.  Combining state of the art psychological and science-based tools with ancient teachings and wisdom, participants chart new beginnings through a course of personal development and healing.

I am honored to be a facilitator for these workshops and view them as a culmination of my own journey. As a psychotherapist, medical school professor, researcher, writer, and teacher, I see the immense value in these offerings.  And, through my close association with Derek O'Neill over the past ten years, I have a very personal understanding and experience of the power of these energetic and transformational techniques to heal and to bring joy.  Today, I experience an abundant life in a beautiful mountain community graced by family, friends, and two precious grandsons.