Denise Gindhart

Denise brings a unique perspective to the Mums List Legacy Program and combines it with her 35 years of experience as a team builder and strategist for internationally recognized architectural and engineering firms.  She works closely with her clients to help them define their passion and unlock their potential.  She uses the MLL tools to align the organization and engage the team to create a positive, fun and productive work environment.   As a Board Member for several nonprofit organizations focused on disadvantaged youth, education and wellness; she has been instrumental in helping these organizations and their staff succeed.

Denise became interested in the healing arts after a serious illness in her late 20’s.  When the doctors told her there was nothing else they could do but make her comfortable, she checked herself out of the hospital and began a quest to understand the connection between spirit, mind and body.  She studied a variety of healing modalities and went on to receive a degree in Holistic Health and made a full recovery.

Denise has two grown sons she raised on her own and lives outside of Philadelphia with her two dogs, cat and plentiful gardens.