Colette Savage

Colette’s gentle,innate warmth and compassion, and intuitive wisdom are sought after in her Personal Alignment Training, workshops(MLL), coaching and consultancy, helping individuals or teams, overcome challenging experiences past or present, build their mental or emotional strength to align with and energize their authentic excellence. She has visited India many many times to sit int eh beauty and wisdom of  sages, yogis, and monks to gain first hand understanding of the Eastern philosophies and philosophies. She holds qualifications in NLP, stress management,mindfulness and Rising Star and Prema Birthing energy management tools.

She combines modern neuroscience, practical wisdom,self-mastery, inner strength and energy management with the gifts she developed in over 20 years in the field of computer science  the tools of rigorous accuracy, attention to detail and the ability to create a logical structure for problem solving.- equipping you or your team to align with your  potential, energize your authentic excellence and live your true passion too! 

HOW? She believes everyone has the potential for authentic excellence in their own life, with a unique authenticity and passion,which when expressed, is of real value in the world. Like a plant needs water, we need to find and nurture an effective mental attitude, maintaining our emotional strength and know how to manage our energy to drive our excellence. 

Thus you spend less energy on internal or external conflicts or emotional reactions, are not so drained by people or events,suffer less from fatigue,health issues and stress and avoid burn out as you have a natural inner strength, ability to remain focused and access to your inner wisdom. 

She believe that to be the best when it matters most, be resilient under pressure and achieve your goals or vision with greater ease you need to align all aspects of yourself, your spirit,mind,emotions and body. The Mum’s list legacy workshops offer an extensive range of tools to enable your personal alignment.

 Staying true to yourself  is easier when you are fully aligned and  brings a natural inner strength and focus enabling you to  excel in todays fast paced technology driven world. She  specialises in bringing integrity and ethics into all her work, using  values to connect you to a deeper awareness of yourself and all the resources of your human spirit.

She has found that  integrating the effective mental and emotional habits to our daily lives combined with understanding our personal energy systems function, included in the Mum’s List Legacy workshops has the greatest impact on how we live and work.

She crafted her unique insights and wisdom through the enriching experiences of her childhood in a civil war, managing devoted mothering with 20 years of corporate training in the City of London and university lecturing. Along side this she has many years of personal experience with eastern philosophies and energy awareness from yogis,sages and monks, from India, Nepal and Tibet and combines this with western behavioural research, positive psychology training and her particular passion of  human values for ethical living. The authenticity of her own personal effectiveness and leadership is evident in how she lives her own excellence, constantly expanding her wisdom and experience.

Colette has a particular interest in the 5 universal human values and uses this as the ethical underpinning for all her work. She has initiated and facilitated the implementation of human values based programs for moral and ethical value based character development in schools in Ireland and the UK. This values based ethical awareness led from her passion to bring well-being and balance  into our lives so we can live together in greater harmony and peace.As a trained teacher of the Mums List Legacy workshop she offers her passion and wisdom to deliver effective techniques to support you in living the authentic life you want to live and find your way to meet life’s challenges with less pain and greater ease.

Her pragmatic approach has supported people from all walks of life from CEO’s, parents, teachers to teenagers in developing their own excellence through inner awareness and applying these valuable techniques.

Colette offers the MLL workshops, and can incorporate the tools from these workshops into 1:1 sessions and motivational talks for corporate and community helping individuals and teams 

She looks forward to crafting a Mums' List Legacy workshop for you!