The Sun - Singe Greene's Story Goes to Film

"GROW sunflowers, stock up on Orange Club biscuits, get two kisses from Dad at bedtime...

These were all on the to-do list that dying mum Kate Greene made for her two sons. She wanted to make sure that Reef, eight, and Finn, seven, got the most out of life when she was no longer with them.

Her notes, written shortly before Kate lost her two-year battle with breast cancer, aged 37, in 2010, became a poignant symbol of a mother’s eternal love — and an international bestseller, Mum’s List.

Now the book, written by her husband St John Greene, 46 — known as Singe — is to be made into a film. It will tell how the family from Clevedon, Somerset, are striving to build a new life without Kate and are buoyed by her guidance. Twelve things from her list are below.

Here, in an open letter to his late wife, Singe talks of the ups and downs since their loss, and how he and the boys plan to get through another Christmas without her."

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