Inaugural Workshop in New York City

A New Wellness Workshop

Based on his life work as a martial arts sensei, psychotherapist and spiritual teacher, Master Teacher and Living Sage Derek O’Neill delivers an incredibly powerful new workshop to help people overcome their biggest challenges and move towards self-realization.

The new Mum's List Legacy workshop is based on Derek's signature blend of Consciousness (spirit), Science-based Psychology (Mind) and Martial Arts (body) teachings, creating a perfect storm for personal transformation and a giant leap towards happiness. 


“Science is just starting to recognize what ancient sages and gurus have always claimed, that everything is energy and energy manifests from the highest vibration (spirit) into denser forms until it becomes matter. When our energy is out of balance, dis-ease occurs on physical, emotional and mental levels. The Sword and Brush techniques helps you to balance energy and create your optimal Safe Zone - where you are operating consciously without fear.”  Derek O'Neill

Inspired by the bestselling book and movie Mum’s List—a true story about Kate Greene’s journey with cancer and the legacy she left behind for her husband and two young boys—the Mum’s List Legacy workshop reflects Kate’s wish for humanity to live with greater purpose, gratitude, and joy.


During the event Singe Greene, author of Mum's List and husband of Kate Greene, shared his emotional journey in dealing with the loss of his wife, and how writing the book helped keep Kate's memories alive for their two sons, while providing a cathartic journey towards happiness and the importance of living in life to its fullest. 


Mum's List Legacy workshops are now available across the globe. Derek O'Neill has personally trained a team of workshop facilitators to share proven, tangible methods to help people empower their lives and change for the better. In alignment with that goal, a portion of all proceeds go to help support Kate and Singe Greene’s two children and charities around the world.


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