The Gift of Loss


The Mum's List Film is a heart-wrenching true story of Singe and Kate Greene's journey with cancer and loss. This is a story about love and courage, as they fight for their firstborn son who is diagnosed with terminal cancer, then in learning of her own cancer, Kate prematurely gives birth to their second son, and all three end up fighting for their lives.

When she realizes she may not make it, Kate creates a list, outlining instructions for the family when she's gone. Her bravery is her legacy and inspires us all to let positivity and love guide the precious moments of our life. 

When situations such as these occur, the question arises, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” When a kind, generous, humble person is taken off the planet, while someone who is creating pain, or destruction, or violence, lives on, we wonder if there is any justice to life. 

The death of a young person seems “unnatural,” and forces us to face the truth that the length of our time here is arbitrary. Expanding our concept of our existence, as mutable, timeless, and enduring, is the way to be “fair” to ourselves and to those who pass in this life. Grief can be an expression of that transition if we allow it to enlighten us. Knowing that death is not the final destination helps us to process grief. 

When someone we love dies, or we suffer another major loss, the grief can be overwhelming and potentially destructive, yet we can learn to move through it with awareness and self-compassion. The normal feelings of shock and sadness can spiral into deep dysfunction and depression. There is often guilt and anger associated with grief, and a host of other psychological and physical manifestations. At first we might feel numb before the reality of the loss sets in. Eventually there is acknowledgment and healing.

How do we get to the recovery? How do we find, ultimately, a positive result in the form of deeper insight and humanity, and experience grief productively? Accepting loss is a difficult, but necessary first step. Otherwise, we cannot fully experience grief as a constructive emotion. When we process that grief, in whatever time frame is needed, we can then adjust to – and honor - the loss in our life, and devote our energies to everything else that matters around us.

This wellness workshop shows us how to live to the fullest - this means living in our truth, expressing our passion and utilizing our unique skills and talents to find meaning and purpose.

By Derek O'Neill

For more on working through grief, read Derek O'Neill's book on Grief

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