We Meet at the Mind, We Connect at the Heart

When asked what we offer at an MLL workshop recently, I found it hard to sum up in a few words. So I sat down and thought about it, and I realized we bring mindfulness and heartfulness together, so you can be all of who you are. We tend to meet in our minds with the many people in our lives, but we connect with our hearts, and we need time for this.

At an MLL workshop, we experience letting go of the blocks we are holding—those little nooks and crannies in ourselves we have not visited before, or which we were unaware of. It may be past pain, it may be a limiting belief, it may be a lack of self-worth, it will be what your heart wants to heal in that moment. This could be a somewhat difficult or painful process to identify and let go of what has caused us hurt or pain in the past. However, at an MLL workshop you are fully supported. The design and delivery makes it so! And people are expressing the shifts they feel.

One of the recent workshops I facilitated involved a number of mums who had very recently experienced breast cancer or brain tumors. They were hesitant as to what would happen at the workshop, given the story of Mum’s List, and they were anxious about how they would manage to stay brave, not cry and just experience it all. I was keen to provide the most comfortable environment I could create, unaware of what they were dealing with. Interestingly, we all had an amazing time! They told their stories of having to keep in all the emotion and be brave for their families; of not realizing until the workshop how many tears they were carrying and how important being strong for their families had been. They expressed their real relief at letting go of the tears and how surprisingly easy it had been!

I have met other mums who felt that if they opened that can of worms, it would explode and they would fall apart, and what would happen to their families, etc. I could relate entirely to them as I had taken over 40 years to start to let go of the tears just from my childhood. I felt humbled at their self-expression and the beauty of our pure human connection. The compassionate awareness we all held for each other throughout the workshop was palatable.

MLL offers such a sacred and supportive environment to gently let go, allow your mind to bring up the pain, and then let your heart heal you by releasing the stuck emotions, or pain, to make room for more joy. Taking time to relax, become mindful of yourself and then connect with your own heart is at the HEART of an MLL workshop. It’s personal, it’s quiet and it’s as deep as you want to take it. There is no outcome other than to be present with yourself, all of yourself—mind and heart— and let go of what is holding you back on some level. It's not necessary to cry either (just so you know). It may be that you gently let go of a limiting belief about yourself, or negative ideas about your self-worth.

It’s the gentleness of these workshops that drew me to them. It’s the self-compassion that they facilitate that powers them. And it’s the shared connection that makes them wondrous.

Colette Savage

connnection, mindfulness

Sandra C
I love the MLL workshop reference of the mindfulness and heartfulness connection --I envision this as the union of our sacred heart where self-compassion, self-care, and self-healing all begins. TY so Beautiful...
5/3/2017 6:04:02 PM

What an amazing experience to be able to witness their pain go. As mothers we show syrenght and lots of times we lack a place where we can cry and feel supported and at the same time heal. MLL workshops are the perfect place to work on yourself and enjoy the journey so we can continue to improve and make a difference in our families, friends and the world. Thank you Colette for sharing
5/3/2017 2:31:34 AM

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