If we focus on what we are thinking, we will discover that these thoughts qualify or create the reality that we are experiencing. Science shows what you think about will affect what you experience. Negative thoughts ( “everything is a problem” , “I don’t like what is happening”) create negative experiences, while positive thoughts (uplifting, right with life) create positive experiences. Whether you are aware of them or not, the thoughts going through your head create your reality.

To create the kind of reality we want we must program our minds to use an operating system that will create a positive reality --- One aspect of this kind of thinking is called AFFIRMATIONS. Affirmations can change the way you think about what you are experiencing and thereby change the way you feel about what you are experiencing. The more we say affirmations, the more we will start believing them. When we can create a positive belief about our self, we will have changed our reality. Here is a list of affirmations that have been proven to be useful.

Practice these affirmations during the day. It may be best to select one and practice it for 3 weeks (the time it takes to form a new habit) before moving on to another.

1. Everything is in my own best interest.

2. I am more than this physical body.

3. My thoughts create my life.

4. I can always control my thoughts.

5. I am responsible for the way I see things.

6. I am entitled to miracles.

7. I have the strength to feel my feelings.

8. There is power in vulnerability.

9. Fear is a prayer to God for love.

10. I have a purpose.

11. I constantly expand and try new things.

12. I choose to be excited.

13. I deserve to feel loved.

14. Everyone I meet is a reflection of me.

15. I am always a teacher to someone.

16. I trust everything is helping me be better.

17. I am worthy and valuable.

18. I define my success.

19. I am enough.

20. I give what I want to receive.

20. Rejection is only fear.

21. I can do anything.

22. Let (inhale) go (exhale).

23. I loosen my grip on everything.

24. Love is who I am.

25. I deserve the best.

26. Wow.

27. Yum (this reconnects you to your heart when you are in your head).

28. I am kind.

29. I am full of peace.

30. I am love.

31. Just for today I will feel happy.

32. I decide how I feel.

33. Fear is only ignorance. If I wasn’t ignorant I would not be afraid.

34. All perception is a reflection of me.

35. The only love I need is my own.

36. I am getting better every day.

37. I am excited about the future.

38. I am God in action.

39. Fear is an illusion.

40. Everything that I feel is a programmed reaction to what I see.

41. My experiences make me strong.

42. My experiences make me unique.

43. The only difference between pleasure and pain is perception.

44. Happiness is an inside job.

45. The only difference between a miracle and a disaster is time.

46. I am an angel in disguise.

47. I can heal anything with a smile.

48. Everything happens for a reason.

49. I am a miracle.

50. I am here to help.

By James Gray Robinson
MLL Teacher and Life Coach

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