The Grace of the Human Spirit

Whenever life throws up what seem like insurmountable challenges, where do we turn? Most, but not all, of us will turn to our family and friends. In our time of need we want to be held, listened to, acknowledged, and most of all feel loved. I don’t know where I would be now without the grace of the human spirit in the people I know or who I have met when I needed them most. Sometimes it can be a simple smile or cheery comment from a stranger to an in-depth chat with a trusted friend.

How much of this do we take for granted? How much of this are we losing as we bury ourselves in our phones, computers or whatever technology draws us?

I recently talked to a friend whose daughter is a primary school (4-11) teacher and she related a story her daughter had told her the previous week. Her daughter was marking the children's work, when she came across a poem from a 7-year-old, which went something like this: I wish I was a mobile phone, then when I fall over and hurt myself my mummy will bend down and pick me up and check that I am okay. When Daddy comes home from work he will spend time with me chatting and talking about my day, and then maybe even give me a hug and cuddle up with me all evening. When we are having our family meal time, mummy and daddy would be really interested in what I had to say because when I spoke they would drop everything and pay attention.

She read this to her husband whose jaw dropped, and then she asked “Who do you think wrote this?” “I don’t know,” was his reply.” “Your son,” was her answer.

Life is full of precious moments and we need to remember that when spending time with our children. The Mum’s List Legacy workshops bring this deep connection to who we really are. Kate’s life inspired us to be more present in our own life. The workshops give us amazing tools to cope with a wide range of challenges we all face. They help us to be present to enjoy more fully the precious moments and they move us gently through the blocks that are keeping us from that space.

The Mum’s List Legacy workshops also help to bring us back to what is really important to us by releasing limiting beliefs, like there is not enough time to have fun, or being on the end of the device is more critical than being on the end of our children’s conversations or situations. We are all doing our best for sure, but what if there was an even better way to enjoy a more fulfilling life?

In my experience, it is a natural happening that as I clear the blocks of past experiences, I naturally want to spend more quality time with the people around me and I feel more connected to who I am in doing so.

I lived the hectic single-working-mum in London life for many years and I prided myself in being the queen of logistics and making everything work…somehow! I even worked in the computing field all those years, immersed in the never ending changing technology world. Those precious moments slipped by me so fast, I may have missed a few...

So, if you want to reconnect to the grace of your human spirit and that of others, the gift of living a more fulfilling life, or you want to release the blocks that are holding you back, then give the MLL workshop a go and be open to being transformed.

Colette Savage, MLL teacher

grace, human spirit, parenting

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